Paytradie is a mobile solution for small business invoicing and payments, including automatic ‘payment due’ notifications. Helping tradies stay on the job and not behind their desks. You can get paid on the spot using a device you already own without the need for a credit card merchant account.


Step 1
Step 1


Quote and invoice on the go. Send your invoice electronically before you leave the job site.

- Click New invoice
- Add your line items
- Select a client
- Click Done to send

Step 2
Step 2

Step 2
Step 2

On the spot

There is no better time to get paid than right on the spot after job completion. Your client can either receive your invoice via email, where they have the option to select to pay by credit card directly from the invoice or alternatively they can pay from within Paytradie on your mobile device.


Client can't pay on the spot? No worries! Until the invoice is paid, they will receive automatic email reminders; the first, one day before the invoice is due, followed by an overdue email each week for the following three weeks.

Each reminder has your banking details and an embedded Pay by credit card button.

Step 3
Step 3

Books are
auto updated

The beauty of receiving payment via credit card is that the invoice is automatically marked as paid within Paytradie. Your client will immediately receive their payment receipt and you will receive an 'Invoice Paid' notification.

Payment received via bank transfer/cheque/cash? Simply mark the invoice as paid in Paytradie to trigger the receipt.

Step 4
Step 4

gets paid

Proceeds from your sales, less the credit card processing fees, are held for five working days before being automatically deposited into your bank account.

The settlement delay protects you and your customer in cases where funds need to be reclaimed, and avoids the requirement for a security deposit.

Invoice web app


Efficient on-the-go accounting to keep you on the job and not behind your desk.

Cash flow

Improve your cash flow

Comfortably manage and track payments so that you get paid on time.

Mobile credit card payments

Payments by card or bank transfer

Offer your customers more payment options, making it easier and quicker to pay you.

Low rates

Reduced fees on payment processing

Pay lower fees for payments made by card.

Simple cloud accounting

Safely access data

Our secure cloud and payment system ensures that your data remains safe.

Mobile and desktop

Built for mobile and desktop

Issue invoices from the browser on your device or desktop computer.

Local Australia support

Australia based support

Our live software help desk is available on any day of the week.


Enjoy Australian support 7 days a week. There is no setup fee or any hidden costs. Cheap as Chips, if it doesnt work for you, cancel anytime.

FULL Invoice



  • 2.2% + 30c / card transaction
  • Unlimited quotes & invoices
  • No merchant account required
  • Accept card payments on signup

Here's what a few of our users have told us already.

We’ve found out that changing financial systems for small businesses is a daunting task. If you take 20 minutes up front to do a one-on-one demo over a cup of coffee or a screen share you will see that the Paytradie team has worked hard to turn that change into a game changing experience for you.