Getting Started

Is there any delay or paperwork needed before I can charge credit cards?

A: No, as soon as you create your paytradie account you can start invoicing and collecting payment.  We will not process the last step of the payment to your account until your bank account has been verified and we know for sure that we are paying funds into the correct acccount for you.

Can I only accept payment via Credit Card?

A: No, you can still receive payment any way you like.
e.g bank transfer / cheque / cash.

Am I locked into a contract?

A: No, there are no lock–in contracts, minimums, or set-up fees associated with signing up to Paytradie.

What do I need to signup?

A: You will need the following handy:  Your username, an email address, a password and your credit card details.  We need to process the subscription when the account is created.

How do I pay the $8 per month subscription to Paytradie?

A: No worries, we create a monthly subscription on your credit card when you create your Paytradie account.

Is there a transaction fee on all payments?

A: No, the transaction fee is only for the processing of card payments via Master Card or Visa. All other forms of payment received is completely separate from Paytradie. That is between you and your client.

I signed up, but every time I try login I see a verification page?

A: This means that you have not activated the verification email that we have sent to the email address that you used to sign up with.  This is an important step to make sure that we have a working and valid email address for you.   If you have any trouble with the email address you used, you can change it on this page.  Just click on the “I have checked my spam folder and still can’t find anything”, this will open up a space for you to change your email address and resend the verification email.  Complete that step and you will then be able to login and proceed.

Want to know more before signing up?

A: We are not a company solely built on great technology. We are a company built around people. While we maintain a lean team so that we can provide the best fees in Australia, we are happy to call you and discuss how Paytradie can integrate into your business. If you email us, one of our team will contact you shortly.

General Usage

How Does this Email History thing work?

A: We realised that it is very important for you to always know the state of the communication that has been sent to your customers.

When we send an email for you, we wait for an answer from your customer’s email server. This will let us know if the email was Delivered, or Failed for any reason.  This means that you can see exactly what was Delivered, When and to Who!

If you get a strange delivery error, just copy the whole line, including the delivery report, and send it to us in a ticket and we will help you figure it out.  It could be something as simple as the wrong email address.

Note: While this is a handy tool to make sure your emails are getting delivered. This is not a 100% proof that your client received or opened the email. It is possible in some circumstances that an email will get accepted and delivered to an email server, and due to an irregularity on that email server, the message does not get to the end users mailbox.  This is beyond our reporting control.

What is this “Cash Client” in my client list?

A: This is a default client we added to your account while creating it.  You will notice that this client has your email address. This is used for when the payer does not need to be created as a client in your system and they don’t need a receipt for a payment.  All the normal credit rules apply here, if the cardholder requests a chargeback from their bank, you will be liable for the $30 chargeback bank fee.  We will not process risky payments on this without first contacting you to validate that this is a valid transaction.

Do I need to add my clients ABN number to the invoice?

A: No. On tax invoices that are over $1,000 you need to show the buyer’s identity. If you do not have their identity you can then show their ABN number instead.

Tax invoices for sales of $1,000 or more need to show: the buyer’s identity or ABN

Paytradie requires you to know the NAME and EMAIL address of your client, so there is no need to also list the ABN.

General Paytradie

How Secure are Paytradie payments?

A: We work with Braintree (a PayPal company), to process card payments. The reason we work with them is that they are a market leader in the their field, with the highest standards of security.

They are validated as Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider, on Visa’s Global Compliant Provider List and Mastercard’s SDP List. In short it means that they’re on their game. No credit card information is ever routed through the Paytradie servers, it goes directly to Braintree.  You can see our verified company listing on Braintree here.

If you have any further concerns or questions please contact us on

How do we handle support?

A: We use email as our primary support channel. Our aim is to respond to all tickets within a few hours and work with you closely on any specific or technical issues.

We want your experience with our support to be the best experience you’ve ever had, not just the best you’ve had with an online service, or the best you’ve had this week. If you think we’ve done a great job, or if we could do better next time, please email us and let us know.

Don't spend your evenings sending invoices.

Invoice and get paid on the spot using a device you already own.

Don't spend your evenings sending invoices.

Invoice and get paid on the spot using a device you already own.

Don't spend your evenings sending invoices.

Invoice and get paid on the spot using a device you already own.